Alternative Healing Services w/ Katie Cavenagh

I offer alternative healing services such as sound healing, quantum shifting, and something I like to call PFM (pure f*cking magick, which is also the name of my book designed to help you create a life you love).

I am a certified sound master, Reiki master, and have real-life experience healing my own depression and anxiety through holistic practices.

If you are called to develop your spiritual gifts or are simply looking to reduce your stress, please check out what I’m currently available for.

Sound Healing

What would a sound healing session do for you?

Wondering what it might be like to get gonged? Now’s your chance! The gongs can connect you deeply to the part of you that innately knows how to heal. 

By opening up your cells to receive new information and reprogramming them to work in a more cohesive way, your body begins to release and repurpose stagnant energy. Free your energy from perpetuating pain cycles. This can show up as less physical pain, emotional release, creative solutions, messages, ah-ha moments, guidance, a feeling of lightness, peace, and more.

It’s a true sense of freedom after experiencing a sound healing session. When coupled with quantum healing and subconscious soul alignment, you can find proof of your new reality instantly. Relax, rejuvenate, and repair your physical, emotional, mental, and energetic bodies with a session designed just for you.

Private, couples, and group sessions now available with me at 7Heartz for a special grand opening price (now through March 31st). 


$75 / Single 45 Min
$99 / Single 60 min
$150 / Double 60 min
$250 / Group (4) 60 min
$300 / Group (6) 60 min

Email for large groups over 6 and private events*
*Additional travel rate may apply


Mondays 9:30am-1pm
Wednesdays 9am, 10am, 4pm, 5pm
Thursdays 9am-1pm
Fridays 12pm-7pm*
Saturdays & Sundays Email for weekend availability
*subject to change for event dates

Email Katie@FeelYourLight to book your appointment.

7Heartz, 282 Main Street Extension, Suite B1 (Lower Level), Middletown CT

Oracle Card Reading

Are you looking for guidance, healing, and inspiration?

An Oracle Card reading can offer you insight into specific areas of your life. Receive messages from Spirit to assist you in understanding yourself better. Shed light on some patterns that may be holding you back, reveal the potential way to heal them, and delve into the possibilities that await.

Energy readings illuminate frequencies working in your favor and can guide you how to use them in the most beneficial way. You can also discover what energies are working to sabotage your efforts and begin to heal them right on the spot.

Dissolve energetic entanglements by combining quantum healing with the reading. Be gently guided through a simple healing process you can use on your own to continue the healing process at home.

Click here to learn more about what an Oracle Card reading is like.

Buy a reading (you will receive a separate email from Katie@feelyourlight to set up a time)

Sessions are in-person at 7Heartz or The Red Barn in Durham. 
Zoom sessions also available.


$65 / 30 min
$125 / 60 min

Please email for private parties and group rates* 
*Additional travel rate may apply

PFM Healing Session

It doesn’t get more alternative than this. That’s right, add some pure f*cking magick to your life.

Whatever was a problem won’t be anymore after diving into this deep energy healing session.

Blast through any challenges, obstacles, or fears you may be facing. By clearing all this out of the way, your energy is now free to create what you really want in life.

We’ll tackle the 5 energies that create your reality and unhinge old programming and conditioning, useless and outdated beliefs you have, and align you with your true self. 

Gain control and confidence over your life and how you show up. Be the author of your next chapter, and manifest magick by tuning into your conscious awareness and intentionally sending your requests to the universe. 

Receive insight and make determined decisions about what you want for yourself, and unravel years, decades, or even lifetimes of fear, anger, guilt, shame, and trauma. Release what you are not meant to carry, and surrender your trust to the universe.

You will be given a safe, sacred space to process, as well as “homework” for further self-development. Email and text support is also available between sessions.


$150 / 60 min Power Session

Packages: 60 min sessions
$399 for (3)
$999 for (8)
*SPECIAL* 6 months of PFM (26 sessions) $2999

PFM Mentorship 12 months of weekly sessions, in-depth training on healing techniques, developing your gifts, and coaching; unlimited email/ text/ phone support, access to PFM events*, classes*, and courses*; weekly energy readings, guided shadow work, and assistance in creating your own business (optional). $8888/YR

Sessions are in-person at 7Heartz or The Red Barn in Durham.
Zoom sessions also available. 

Quantum Healing

Experience a shift when you heal deep at the cellular level by releasing imprints, programs, and conditioning hidden subconsciously in your body. Move to a new timeline by connecting with the possibility of where you want to be when you free up your entangled energy, and start seeing results right away.

Learn the technique for yourself to help you clear out any emotional charges that arise in your day to day life, and watch your life transform before your eyes. Anything standing in your way no longer has to be an obstacle, and any burdens you’ve been carrying can now be put down.

$125 / 60 min
$199 / 90 min with sound healing

Book your service directly with Katie by emailing or

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