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Interested in taking your holistic business to the next level?

Are you looking for a space to expand your clientele?

We offer rental space! Inquire at

Private room use for appointments/private sessions – BREAKDOWN:

You have the choice of renting use of our space in the following ways:

  • A 2 hour window (for a class, workshop or private service) ($50 fee for 2 hrs) there will be an additional fee of $10 for every 1/2 hr up to 4 hours -All based on availability
  • Regular use of a room / half day – same day every week either 9am-2pm or 3pm-9pm (for example, every Wednesday 9am-2pm) (weekends not available) $200/month-
    6 month commitment required
  • Regular use of a room / 2 full days a week all month long (same days each week, for example every Tuesday and Thusday) 9a-9pm -not including weekends) $300/month
    6 month commitment required
  • Regular use of a room / 3 full days a week, all month long (same days each week, for example every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday) -weekends not available $400/month. 6 month commitment required
  • Rental rates are subject to increase after the time frame agreed upon has passed

What we provide to you:

  • Use of our space, cleaned for you prior to arrival..
  • Use of our stocked tea station, water dispenser, bathroom, and expansive parking
  • All other basics including heat, air, etc.. 
  • A 7heartz founder present to help if needed.

What we require of you:

  • An opportunity for one of the 7heartz founders to welcome and speak to your group briefly about 7heartz
  • Your agreement to clean up after yourselves (and your guests) and leave 7heartz the same as how you found it (or cleaner) 
  • No renters, or their guests are to use any of the 7heartz sound equipment.
    (Some may be in the room, or may be removed prior to your event)
  • A 7heartz founder may sit in on your event at no charge 
  • Respect for other services that may be going on at the same time, and if they are to keep a handle on noise level
  • A discount for 7heartz members attending your event (we recommend a minimum of $10 off for 7heartz members)

Extra clarifications:

  • For 2 hour rentals: We assume most classes are 90 minutes, and you are given 15 minutes before and after to set up and clean. The $50 price gives you 2 hours total. If you require more time, there is a charge of $10 per additional ½ hour.
  • If you do not have enough people signed up for your class and decide to cancel, we need a minimum of a 4 hour notice and there will be no charge. If a 7heartz founder arrives to learn there is no class, we will charge the previously agreed amount.
  • If you use a service like Eventbrite where they payout after the event, you are still responsible for payment to 7Heartz on or before the day of your event.


  • You are responsible for creating a shareable graphic and creating a Facebook event (If you are new to this, graphic and content creation services available from 7heartz, starting at $25). Request 7Heartz as a co-host to your event.
  • Post in the discussion of your event and your social media at least 3 times starting 10 days prior, and tag 7Heartz and its founders (Cindy Cleveland, Laura Sebastian LMT) in your social media posts so we can all share.
  • 7Heartz will list your event on our calendar and post to our social media accounts at least 3 times starting 10 days prior, 2 posts being the week of the event as reminders.
  • 7Heartz will mention your event in our weekly newsletter. Please submit a photo, bio, contact info, and event description when scheduling your event with us.
  • 7Heartz will notify all members of the discount available to them for your event.
  • If you are willing to allow 7heartz members to attend your event for free, we may discuss further discounts on your rental fee

*7Heartz reserves the right to amend or cancel this agreement at any time.