It’s Never Too Late to Start Something New

start something new

The start of something new, be it a job, relationship, or the life you’ve dreamed of living, can be scary as you face the fears of the unknown. New beginnings require a willingness to trust the process as you transform yourself into a version of you that you’ve never been.

Don’t forget we were all beginners once. Trying something new one day and expecting to be an expert isn’t how it works. We must go through the exploration process, picking up knowledge and skills along the way. Everything in life is a journey, including doing something or becoming someone we’ve never been before.

New Things are Scary

This is why many of us shy away from the things that are just over the edge of our comfort zone — the things we’d absolutely love to do and have been waiting for the right time to try but have been too scared for whatever reason.

It’s overwhelming to think about having to start at the beginning. Especially as adults, our favorite excuses like, “I’m too old”, “I don’t have enough time”, and “it’s too much for me to do” come out and stop us in our tracks. Think about it. Are you doing that thing you’ve always wanted to and livin’ it up as you do it?

Pushing away the very things we want because we’re waiting to be ready is also an excuse to not get started. What is it that you’re waiting for? Are you able to see anything in your current reality that could get you a step closer? Every day that you don’t take action is just another day away from your goal. There’s always a step available when you’re willing to look for it.

We often let fear get the best of us because doing something new is just far enough out of our comfort zones that we’d rather not go there. But really, it’s not the thing you’re scared of — it’s the feeling associated with it.

Maybe it’s the fear of looking stupid or “messing up”. Or the fear of being vulnerable, seen, and heard in a bigger way. Whatever fear is there can be found by noticing what comes up for you when you think about doing the thing.

Change is Good

Merely thinking about starting over is enough to set off the alarm of overwhelm, particularly when it comes to how we show up in the world through our relationships, including the relationship we have with ourselves.

We think we have to remain the same person we’ve always been. People expect us to be a certain way because that’s how we’ve shown up in the past. They create a version of you in their mind of how you are, and then expect you to show up that way. 

But you don’t have to be who you’ve always been.

It’s ok to be someone new, do new things, and build a life you absolutely love living. Make a different choice, it’s never too late. After all, it’s your life, it’s your journey, and you get to create whatever you desire. If what you’re doing and how you’re living doesn’t feel good, then change it.

You are the one in control of what you create in your reality. Every moment of every day is an opportunity for something new. Everything changes anyway, so you might as well just ride the wave.

Enjoy the Process

Doing something new can be a fun, adventurous discovery. You get to be someone new, that you’ve never been before, and transform from there. It’s a blank canvas for you to paint yourself on.

Everything in life is a learning process, including all the times you start something new. Even though it can be scary to put yourself out there, you can still enjoy learning new skills, making different choices, and perhaps even feeling a different way about yourself as you go through the experience.

Having faith that you’ll figure it out helps things not feel so overwhelming. Also, (and we forget) we can ask for it to be easy. Transformation, learning something new, and being outside our comfort zone doesn’t always have to be hard, painful, or induce suffering. A changed expectation of how you’ll show up allows you to ease your way into whatever you’re starting.

Being in the moment, out of your old limiting stories from the past and not reeling in the worries about what could happen next, also creates space for the new experience to be joyful. 

Next Steps

Every step of the way is a chance for you to change and transform. Starting over or trying something new is a process of self-discovery that requires your creativity and focus. You are the one that determines your experience. Coming at it from a “what can I learn” mindset can help you discover things about yourself you never would have otherwise known.

It’s never too late to start something new. Life is a continual cycle of endings and beginnings, so don’t let anything (or anyone) stop you from transforming yourself into who you want to be. Nothing is out of the realm of possibility when you put your mind to it, and when you take action, saying yes to what truly lights up your heart, then all the next steps will fall into place.

Have faith and follow the good feeling, even if it’s scary. Know that if you start today, you get to be one step closer tomorrow.

Written by Katie Cavenagh.
For more steps on transforming your life, check out her website

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