Healing the Healer’s (Witch) Wound

Many healers and people developing their spiritual gifts run into this unexplainable “block” when it comes to stepping into their full truth. Many are afraid to use or accept their gifts, fear what others might say, or shut down due to overwhelm.

The reason for this could be what’s called the Healer’s or Witch Wound. This comes from a long line of persecution of the healers, medicine people, wise ones, and “others” that were deemed dangerous or evil because of their connection to the Earth and to Spirit. 

Many of our ancestors passed down this fear of owning their “magick” due to fear of being “outed” and exiled or killed. This fear has been very prevalent in women, who were often quiet and denying their gifts, not using their power or connecting with the Earth as they once were.

Throughout the ages and with the religious, political, and patriarchal domination, healers and mystics lived on their survival skills, unable to freely express themselves. Today we see this timeline manifest through the inability to be who we are due to the fear of persecution from others. 

We may be afraid to speak up when we feel hurt, stay where we aren’t being respected out of the desire to people please, feel unsafe about who we are, deny our power, give our power away, avoid conflict, not move forward with our purpose, and even doubt about our happiness and life’s work.

Join Katie Cavenagh for a guided meditation to clear out these fears and create space to honor who you are. Release the belief that you’re unable to be who you are, and call back your power.

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