7Heartz Memberships

Join our 7Heartz community today ! Our membership plan is uniquely created to bring our members the best of 7Heartz! Memberships include special pricing, Early access and more !

7Heartz is building a holistic community of like-minded people who have a similar vision to find more balance, calm and happiness in their own lives, by offering opportunities to learn and grow into being the best version of themselves. Our membership offers a variety of classes, workshops, training and experiences and we’re always adding more to our calendar.

7Heartz is a safe, judgment free space where you can focus on your own self growth and meet new incredible people. By attending regularly (events, classes and workshops) as a member, you’ll start to see familiar faces and maybe even create some new, quality friendships. Learn and experience new ways to grow, be more self-aware, and more at peace.

Membership includes 3 events each month for only $75/month.

(normal event rates per class range between $35-$75 each) Membership also includes discounts off our other events and services (in addition to your 3 credits each month, you can still attend other events that month at a discount)

Memberships are shareable. You can share with a friend, or bring a friend with you and they can use one of your credits.

Monthly Membership

$75 Monthly

Membership Includes

  • 3 events/classes per month – ( **Look for the Heart ❤ ) Value up to $75 per event. . Events are posted to our calendar
  • Special Member only pricing on Services, Retreats and large events/classes Over $75. Click here for services tab

Membership Policies

Monthly Memberships

~All membership charges take place automatically on the first of each month, and will use the credit card you provided upon signing up. If your card is declined you will have 15 days to pay and provide a new card to your account. If you go unpaid for 2 months we will consider your membership canceled and your credits can no longer be redeemed.
~Your Monthly membership fee of $75/month incudes three credits to be used toward any classes, workshops, trainings or experiences 7Heartz offers, priced at $75 or less.
~If you join mid-month, you will have until the last day of that month to redeem your 3 credits. The next membership charge will be on the first of the next month.
~Memberships can be shared! You can bring a friend, and they can use one of your credits. If you would like to gift a credit to someone and you are not attending with them, you (the member) must notify info@7heartz.com that you are gifting a credit and provide us with the name of the person using the credit.
~Any classes, retreats, or trainings priced at over $75 are not eligible for using a credit within the membership. They will however offer a discounted rate for members.
~Classes with a ‘heart’ after the title are included and a credit can be used for them.
~Classes without a ‘heart’ is mostly likely a guest instructor and not included for credit use – however they will often provide a member discount. Check individual class listings for details.
~If you have used all three credits within a month and would like to attend additional classes – there is a discounted rate on ALL classes for members.
~If you do not redeem all three credits in a month, they do not rollover to the next month.
~We reserve the right to cancel your membership at any time if we feel there is a need.
~You may Cancel your membership at any time however you will lose any unused credits.